Organising events course

A 2-day seminar which uses a strong foundation of Project Management to plan, implement and manage events. The course defines a methodology to ensure that the correct events are chosen, clear objectives set, all key stakeholders are identified and logistics are well defined and managed to ensure total success.
We use little theory and lots of practice, with active feedback, discussion and exercises

Organising Events Course

Benefits of the Organising Events Course

Participants have a clear repeatable methodology and approach to ensuring events have clear objectives and are planned in a consistent manner to ensure appropriate budgets are set, resources are available, clear responsibilities understood and clear measurements of success defined.

Outline of the Organising Events Course

Using extensive group-work, personal experience, and client-specific situations, the course will focus on the following areas:

- The different types of events (client specific)
Press conferences
Brand launches
Delegate conferences

- Creating the right event
Getting sponsorship agreement

- Setting clear objectives
Time, cost, participation

- Understanding budget requirements
How much and when

- Managing stakeholders' expectations
Who are the key stakeholders?
What do you expect from them, what do they expect from you ?

- Setting clear and agreed responsibilities
Who does what and when ?
External contractors
Internal organisations

- Creating a realistic timeline
The critical path to success

- Measuring success
Were objectives met ?
What lessons were learned ?

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