Christine is now on season 4 of her podcast “A Toolkit for a Better Life"!

We focus on how our bodies and our minds work, and give you various tips and tricks, tools and techniques for understanding yourself, being happier in yourself, and living a better life.

Every week, we will discuss different topics that might interest you and help you think differently, to then change the way you approach life and yourself. We talk about the little things that make a big difference. You can find the Podcast on:

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We hope you enjoy the weekly episodes :
  • How to change your hormones to change your mood
  • Burnout - what is it and how to avoid it?
  • A Conversation on Happiness - with Mason de Chochor
  • Organisation - gaining time
  • Interactive Storytelling with James Moffat
  • Small words that make a big difference
  • Wellness: finding balance in your life - with Mason de Chocho
  • Managing Expectations: Attitudes and Perception
  • The Importance of being Present 1 - with Mason de Chochor
  • The Importance of being Present 2 - with Mason de Chochor
  • Sleep
  • IKIGAI with James Moffat