Managing Difficult Conversations

How we manage difficult situations and have difficult conversations can help or hinder our relationships, work and careers. Our practical Dealing with difficult conversations training workshops will equip staff with tools to manage conflict, avoid situation escalation, and become a better listener, communicator, and leader.

During the workshop participants will be able to diagnose their own influencing styles and strengths using psychometrics. They will also practise tactics to defuse challenging situations, manage adversaries, and have difficult conversations through role plays. This workshop is designed for support staff of all levels that have to deal with any manner of difficult issues, people, or situations.

Topics of our Managing Difficult Conversations Workshop

• What is a difficult conversation?
• Understanding why conversations go badly
• Changing your tipping point, Influencing styles
• Building your ladder—and climbing down
• Knowing your triggers
• Reframing your adversary
• Being prepared for the conversation
Taking responsibility
• Sharing goals and experience
• Co-creating a solution
• Developing the action plan
• Building better feedback

Participants will experience successful conversations that have a pattern and four phases:
1. The Build-up
2. The Reflection
3. The Conversation
4. The Follow Through

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