Intandem "The Energised Leader"workshop series

Intandem presents the Energised Leader Workshop Series in collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact Network Switzerland. The series will tour the Swiss cities of Geneva, Zurich and Lugano from March – July 2019 with inspirational speakers from some of Europe’s most forward-thinking organisations.

Our workshops will address the ever changing, volatile and complex environment that all organisations and their Leaders are facing. From being a “Future-Fit” organisation, to inventive collaborative skills now required to succeed, to the health and resilience of the Leaders and their teams, and finally to the added zest of inspiration that can make everyone’s whole lives (you, your team, your organisation, and cross organisational collaboration) more energised. How much a Leader knows, paces, develops, and nurtures themselves is the extra-special skill set that is too often neglected in the pressurised world of today.

The workshops will be cutting-edge, highly engaging and thought-provoking. They will be between three-quarters and a full day with lunch included. Come alone or with your senior management team, to one, several or all workshops. Intandem reserves the right to cancel the public training at latest 3 weeks before its beginning if the minimum number of participants has not been reached. Venues to be decided once the number of participants is known, though they will be near the main train stations or easily accessible by public transport.

Leadership workshops  Switzerland

Enabling you and your organisation to be Future-Fit! [Geneva 5th March, Zurich 6th March]
Giles Hutchins: Author, executive coach and Chair of The Future Fit Academy, London

Leadership research advocates, and the fastmoving business environment demands, a new way of learning, adapting, innovating, collaborating and evolving as leaders and organisations to become “future-fit”. Learn how to enhance your own and your organisation’s systemic agility and vitality with this pioneer.

The Art of Leading Collectively [Geneva 2nd April, Zurich 3rd April, Lugano 4th April]
Dr Petra Kuenkel: Visionary and Founder of the Collective Leadership Institute, Potsdam

Club of Rome Member Dr Kuenkel is a global teacher of the art of leading collectively as a driver of transformations. She will share how to collaborate across boundaries; how to connect leadership purpose with passion & commitment; and explain the notion of ‘aliveness’ as a core element of business strategy.

Ego-free leadership [Geneva 15th May, Zurich 16th May, Lugano 17th May]
Roberto De Bacco: Founder & CEO of Leadership Organisational Learning, Lugano

Roberto de Bacco helps to release leaders’ qualities through connection to their true self, thus co-creating their lives in a context of awareness - and by so doing connecting to their deepest aspirations.

Creating sustainable peak performance [Geneva 4th June, Zurich 5th June, Lugano 6th June]
Lee Eldridge: Hintsa Performance: “From Formula 1 world champions to top Fortune 500 CEOs”

The theory of how personal wellbeing impacts performance in all fields of life, from sport to business excellence. Wellbeing best practices for attaining sustainable habit change. The Hintsa methodology behind reaching and sustaining peak performance founded on the work of Dr Aka Hintsa with racing champions.

Using a systems approach for cultural transformation [Geneva 2nd, Zurich 3rd, & Lugano 4th July]
Omri Roden: Co-founder and Managing Director of The Energy Project, Netherlands

Introducing the key principles of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy management. How to connect energy to your organisation’s system for future success e.g. it’s culture, structure & behaviours.

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