Coaching skills for managers

Coaching is one of the most effective methods of developing staff. Good coaching combined with effective performance management leads to self-motivation and an attitude that is oriented towards solutions and continual performance improvement rather than problems and avoidance.

Coaching skills for managers

This highly interactive and practical workshop is designed to provide managers with the tools and skills necessary to become effective coaches. Participants will learn about the general concepts of coaching and receive a toolkit with which they will be able to structure their coaching sessions once they are back in their workplace.

PRE COURSE WORK: Before the course each participants will be asked to complete a self assessment management style questionnaire, which will be used during the training. They will also be asked to come prepared with at least one real coaching situation for one of their staff members.

ASSESSMENT AND MEASUREMENT: After each practice session we take extensive time for individual and group feedback, which each participant should incorporate into their action plan and make use of during the remaining of the training. At the end of each training, the participants are able to identify and recognize the key behaviors and skills to enable them to be more effective in their day- to- day work and will create an action plan based on what they have learnt during the training course. This Action Plan can be followed up by their Managers and is used for the individual follow up coaching sessions.

FOLLOW- UP AND COACHING: At the end of each workshop, evaluations will be collated and can be reviewed for performance management purposes. The program starts with a classroom based training and in order to reinforce the learning’s, this workshop can be followed up by a one-to-one follow-up coaching session 6 weeks after the workshop, where progress will be ascertained and future development discussed.

Our Coaching Skills for Managers training outline

  • Delegates will go away with a thorough understanding of the principles of coaching and management styles
  • Delegates will go away with coaching models that they can use back in the workplace
  • Delegates will understand the importance of ownership and how to take ownership of staff development and continuous improvement.
  • Delegates will learn “What to say” and “How to say it” when providing feedback to staff.
  • Delegates will learn the importance of non-verbal communication when performing coaching
  • Delegates will be able to prepare, deliver and review coaching sessions so that they continuously improve.

Objectives of our Coaching Skills for Managers training

As a result of this training program participants will:

  • Complete a management style self assessment questionnaire
  • Get an overall understanding of the different management styles including coaching and understand in which situation they should use the coaching style
  • Understanding of the main principles of coaching and mentoring
  • Describe what it takes to be a successful coach/mentor
  • Practice the necessary skills such as observing, questioning, listening and feedback skills
  • Discover the impact of non-verbal communication and building rapport when coaching
  • Apply a framework for future coaching sessions
  • Prepare an action plan for post training skill application

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