Coaching and Mentoring training

A 2-day hands-on, interactive course that enables participants to understand, develop, and practice real skills in working in teams. This course focuses on self-awareness, hands-on exercises, role plays and teamwork. It is suited to all team members.

Participants walk away with the skills, tools and techniques to successfully coach their team members towards improved and desirable behaviours, and to enable them to act as Mentors for colleagues and newer team members.

Coaching and mentoring

Training is done in small sub-groups of 4 people, in two sessions of 3-4 hours each. Each group has one computer with the project management simulation program. The simulator confronts the groups with situations very different in nature and often requiring quick decisions. The participants thus learn how to work and make decisions as a team.

Coaching and Mentoring training outline

This course is the first step. Participants will then be required to put into practice in a structured way what they have learned. • The difference between a coach and a mentor
• The purpose of Coaching
• The 4 styles of Coaching
• The focus of Coaching
• The Coaching process
• The roles and purpose of Mentoring
• What a Mentor will and will not do
• Giving and receiving feedback
• Tools for the job

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