A Leaders’ Journey - 10-week Group Study

Raising the level of personal leadership effectiveness through an increased understanding of key leadership principles so that you will have an opportunity to experience greater self-leadership skills and influence with others.

Leadership Workshop

We will provide a 10-week group study and facilitated discussion (60-90 minutes per session) on lessons from expert leadership teacher, consultant, and author, John C Maxwell. This exploration of John’s work will touch on several laws including:
•   "The Law of Solid Ground", – helping leaders to understand the power of trust;
•   "The Law of Addition" – establishing how leaders can add the most value;
•   "The Law of the Picture" – each leader will learn how the model of leadership we display sets the tone for our team.

Outline of the Leader's Journey workshop

All 21 laws of the book by John C. Maxwell, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, will be covered during this 10-week Group Study (2 per session, the last one with 3).
Each of the 10 sessions will last 60 to 90 minutes on a weekly basis and will cover the following:
1. Few minutes catching up as a group
2. Watching together a brief (10-15 minutes) video teaching on the law to be studied by John Maxwell and Mark Cole and filling in the blanks on the worksheet
3. Answer application questions together during 10-15 minutes
4. Repeat from point 2 for each subsequent law
5. For the last session (week 10), a review of all the laws – That session will be a minimum of 75 minutes.

The first and last sessions will be conducted live/onsite, the eight middle ones virtually by teleconference or live/onsite (as an upgrade). It is advisable to purchase the book for each participant.

Benefits of the Leader's Journey workshop

At the conclusion of the training you will:
•   have assessed your leadership strengths and weaknesses
•   discuss them within your team and discover how to interact in the most optimal way
•   developed and practiced the behaviours required to effectively lead yourself and others
•   and have identified ways to incorporate and apply the laws in your daily life

You will be presented with a certificate of completion issued by the John Maxwell Team.

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